MobileHCI 2013, Munich

posted 14 Aug 2013 03:57 by Chandrika Cycil   [ updated 14 Aug 2013 03:59 ]

We had one full paper and one workshop paper accepted at MobileHCI 2013, to be presented later this month. See details below!

Full Paper

Chandrika Cycil, Mark PerryEric Laurier & Alex Taylor. (2013). (Accepted) ‘Eyes Free’ In-Car Assistance: Parent and Child Passenger Collaboration During Phone CallsIn Proc. ACM MobileHCI, Munich.


This paper examines routine family car journeys, looking specifically at how passengers assist during a mobile telephone call while the drivers address the competing demands of handling the vehicle, interacting with various artefacts and controls in the cabin, and engage in co-located and remote conversations while navigating through busy city roads. Based on an analysis of video fragments, we see how drivers and child passengers form their conversations and requests around the call so as to be meaningful and paced to the demands, knowledge and abilities of their co-occupants, and how the conditions of the road and emergent traffic are oriented to and negotiated in the context of the social interaction that they exist alongside. The study provides implications for the design of car-based collaborative media and considers how hands- and eyes-free natural interfaces could be tailored to the complexity of activities in the car and on the road.

Find the paper accepted at Mobile HCI 2013 [to be presented] here

Workshop Paper

Chandrika Cycil, Mark PerryEric Laurier. (2013). Turn that racket off: Designing for Disputes and Frustration in the Family Car. In Entertainment Technology in Transportation against Frustration, Aggression and Irrationality Workshop, ACM MobileHCI, Munich. [Awarded Best Workshop Paper Award]Image