CHI 2013, Paris

posted 13 Feb 2013 07:13 by Chandrika Cycil   [ updated 13 Feb 2013 07:19 ]

Hi we were excited to present some of our preliminary work in a workshop paper ‘The Everyday Driving Life of Mothers’ at the Motherhood and HCI Workshop at CHI in Paris. We presented some interesting insights on how mothers manage driving alongside the demands of motherhood and care.

The CHI workshop paper was commended for the meticulous fieldwork with families as well its effort to evince the stresses of mothering and everyday driving responsibilities to the HCI and Design Community. It was an excellent opportunity to be inspired by academics who were reflecting on their own experience of motherhood as well as thinking critically about how technology can be mother-friendly. There were also some great discussions around feminist perspectives of technology and motherhood. I was also attending CHI as a Student Volunteer.

Find the workshop paper here : Motherhood_Driving_CHI workshop_Cycil.2013


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